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Ponta da Piedade, Lagos

The Ponta da Piedade is possibly the most beautiful natural feature of the Algarve coastline. The shoreline is formed of heavily weathered cliffs that have been carved into rock pillars, natural tunnels and hidden grottos. The sandstone cliffs of misshaped angles stand at stark contrast to the deep turquoises and greens of the calm seas, and the entire region is simply stunning.

Ponta da Piedade lagos

The Ponta da Piedade coastline, near Lagos

To view the cliffs from the sea, visitors can join tours on small fishing boats which navigate through the maze of unique formations. Situated prominently on the Ponta da Piedade headland is a traditional lighthouse that has guarded international shipping from the perilous rocks since its construction. The Ponta da Piedade is an excellent half-day excursion from Lagos, and hiring a fishing boat to explore the cliffs is an enjoyable experience.

Ponta da Piedade Tourist Information

The Ponta da Piedade (Mercy Point) lies 3km to the south of Lagos and is at the southerly end of Lagos bay. The only road access passes the Dona Ana and Camilo beaches and ends at the lighthouse, which has plenty of car parking spaces. Reaching the base requires a climb down (and up) a flight of 182 steps, so the less agile should consider hiring a boat directly from Lagos.

lagos Ponta da Piedade

The arches of the Ponta da Piedade

The lighthouse itself is closed to the public, but there is a restaurant and a couple of souvenir shops for minor refreshments. The beach at Ponta da Piedade is very small and there are much better bathing/relaxing beaches in the Lagos area, such as the Praia da Dona Ana. The main attraction of the Ponta da Piedade are the cliffs and rock formations.

rainbow Ponta da Piedade

A rainbow above the Ponta da Piedade cliffs

The Ponta da Piedade headland is regarded as the best location in the western Algarve to view the sunset. The sunsets here are stunning, as the sun drops directly behind the cliffs of Sagres to the west and the massive expanse of the ocean. On clear days, there are good views around Lagos bay to Carvoeiro.

lagos lighthouse

Lagos lighthouse on the Ponta da Piedade headland

Ponta da Piedade Boat Trips

The best way to view the numerous grottos and cave formations is by boat and luckily there are several boat tour options. Tours last 30-40 minutes from Ponta da Piedade or 1-1.5 hours from Lagos. The price is €10-15 per person for a shared tour and €20-25 for a private tour; the price is negotiable in the low season. A more adventurous method to explore the area is by kayak, with prices starting from €25 per person.

tour boats Ponta da Piedade

Ponta da Piedade

Nature at the Ponta da Piedade

Many visitors simply visit the Ponta da Piedade for the stunning cliffs, but there is a diverse selection of wildlife in the region. During the spring months, the cliffs are alive with nesting herons and flowers blossom from January until late spring with an abundance of wild figs.

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